Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bareback and Bridle-less

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday I also rode Ollie bareback and bridle-less. My sister was able to get a few pictures, and I thought I would share them with you here. :)


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ollie/Billie Riding Update

Hello everyone!

Today our horse trainer came over and gave my mom and I a lesson. Billie is perfect for my mom, and she loves her so much!! I am excited to see what the future holds for the two of  them. :)

Ollie is REALLY good at his ground tie. Never moves!

Talking about proper mounting. 

I got on Ollie, and we rode with my mom doing some basic stuff in the round pen. 

Starting a bend. 

Then my mom got out of the round pen, and I worked on some collection. 

Not collected


When I bought Ollie he was unfinished, and knew no collection. Over the past few weeks I have been working on it with him, and being the smart Appaloosa he is, has made great progress. I still have got some things to work on, but we are both improving! My seat is much better also, which makes me very happy!!!

I also got some random pictures of Ollie today while I was waiting for my mom to tack up:

Tongue Pic #1

Tongue Pic #2

Tongue Pic #3

I will post tomorrow also. Stay tuned!!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bath Time/Liberty Pictures

Nose picture. All his freckles are so cute!
Hello everyone!

Be prepared to get swallowed in pictures. I took over 200 today!

Billie and Ollie (and Sherman, but I didn't get to him today) needed baths, so after school I went outside and did just that. The pain of having a white horse is that when they are dirty you really notice it. But you also realize how clean they are afterward.

I started with Billie.

The boys watched.....

..and while Billie dried I washed Ollie.

Random face pic. 

Dirty shampoo sitting for 5 minutes. 

The difference between a clean and dirty horse. 

As Ollie dried (slowly) I groomed a now very clean Billie and put her sheet on. 

Waiting to go out to pasture. 

After Ollie dried, I took a few liberty shots. This boy is so pretty when he is clean and when he has has no green manure stains!


Headshot #2

Then Billie went out...
...she is still going in the 1 1/4 acre front pasture by herself because we want to be better safe than sorry with her being older and Ollie rough housing with her. Hopefully soon she will be put out to pasture with the boys. 

Sherman watched her from his pen......and as soon as the two boys were let out...

..zoom they went! 

The boys stay in the second pasture but in one section they can see Billie, so now Sherman always rushes to that spot. A true herd leader. :)


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Billie Out Alone/Farrier Comes

Both Sherman and Ollie are barefoot but Billie is shod, so when we got her we decided we will keep her that way. She usually gets her shoes off during the winter and put back on in the spring.

We went ahead and used the farrier that her previous owner was already using. He is a very good farrier who takes good care of the horses when he puts shoes on and he is quite experienced. 

(These next photos were taken with my phone. Sorry for the bad quality!)

Billie did very well, and we went ahead and let her out a few hours later. She is currently in heat, so we separated her from the boys. She got the front pasture, and the boys got the bigger second pasture. 

Of course, she ran around and whinnied.....

..until the boys came. 

....then everyone calmed down and started grazing. 

Yes Sherman was there, but I forgot to take any pictures with him. Oops!!
(You can see his ear on the bottom right corner).

"Oh, Hello!" Says Ollie to everyone reading this blog.

I will talk to you all very soon, with another exciting blog post!!! :D