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WWH Triple X Dixie


I bought Ollie on October 15th 2014, and he came to my house on October 18th, 2014. 
Ollie is a 6 year old varnish roan Appaloosa.  Ollie is a left brained extrovert, so he loves to play and adores children. He used to be pushy and disrespectful towards people and there space, but after a lot of groundwork it went away. He used to be very fast, but after a lot of riding work on a loose rein he has slowed down a lot. He naturally keeps his head parallel to the ground when walking and jogging under saddle, but is slightly higher at the lope. Ollie has been trained in reining before I got him, and knows how to neck rein, do sliding stops, rollbacks, and more. 

Ollie has great conformation, making him a great candidate for Barrel Racing, Western Pleasure, English Huntseat, Trail, Jumping, Reining, and Cutting, plus cow sports. I hope to do Ranch Pleasure, Trail, Halter, Showmanship, and Maybe Reining.   

I got in contact with Ollie's breeder, and he told me a little about Ollie's past. He was called "Trip" (Ollie's full name is WWH Triple X Dixie). When he was a foal another horse stepped on his left front leg and broke it, so the vet put a splint on it and Ollie was bottlefed as a baby. No wonder he was disrespectful on the ground!

The Barn-mates:

Herby's Rocket Bar


Sherman is my mom's 10 year old QH gelding. He is 15.2 and very stocky. He is more reactive and hotter than the other two horses. He was a ranch horse in Wyoming for about 9 years, and then was sold to Colorado, where we found him and bought him. He is very fast (he has got Dash To Cash blood in him!) and would be a great barrel horse. He has been roped off of and used for cutting. Lot's of muscle in this horse!

Te N' Te Investment 
"Billie Jean"

Billie Jean is our 18 year old, 14.2  bay QH mare. We bought her because of her bombproof nature and her trail knowledge. She is a true Steady Eddie who will walk calmly, but also give you a good gallop. We bought her on 9/7/15, and I am excited to know more about this little mare. 

The Former Barn-mates:



Cheyenne is our 10 year old POA (Pony Of America's) mare. I bought her as a training prospect and in the future to be a lesson horse. My family got Cheyenne on May 29th, and I have been working with her ever since. 

We bought Cheyenne as a barrel racer, and she is very fast and quick on her feet. However, she is smart and has a good mind, and isn't spooky. I enjoy riding her, and I think she will be a great lesson horse in the future. 

We sold Cheyenne on 9/5/15. We found that she was a bit too sensitive on her sides for lessons, and my mom found a horse she really liked (Billy Jean), so we re-homed her to a very nice family. I am excited to hear her progress from her new owners. 

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