Monday, August 15, 2016

August Show-Reflections

Ollie did really well this show. Of course, lots of things to fix and improve, but I am proud of how far he has come.

In this blog post, I am reflecting over what I need to fix, and what needs to be tweaked.

In the June 25th Show, Ollie:

Trotted nicely
Was friendly with the other horses
Walked, trotted, and loped when asked
Stopped easily
Willing to try hard for me

Loped too fast and without collection
Loped on the wrong lead on his left
Didn't set up fast enough for the judge during inspection
Didn't respect the bit enough
Didn't like to walk over the Bridge
Didn't want to sidepass
Little bit too lethargic

I spent the next 35 days (he got some days off after the show) working on his lead changes, a more collected lope, better neck reining, and more respect for his bit. I also decided to enter him in English classes.

(June) Wrong Lead, head up in the air, fighting the bit slightly. 

(August) Correct lead, head lowered, slack reins. 

His showmanship set up improved a lot as well.

 Side-passed much better
Crossed the Bridge easily
Respected the bit much more
Slowed his lope
Picked up the correct lead every time I asked
Pivoted much better
Listened well

His back up needs to be more straight-both on the ground and under saddle. 

However, the things I want to fix on Ollie this month are:

Better neck reining
Holding his collection for a longer time
Lowering his head a little bit more
Being sharper on his showmanship
Sharpening my pattern classes
Backing up straight

..As for myself, I want to:

Lower my hands in Western classes
Put my leg farther back when riding English
Be sharper on my Quarters in Showmanship
Pick up the right Diagonals during the posting trot

Ollie and I have our work cut out for us, but we just keep chipping away!


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